Why No One is Reading Your Blog Posts

Are you super fed-up with no one reading your blog posts? You spent so much precious time writing your posts… so, why aren’t people reading them?! Why aren’t readers subscribing to your blog and on the edge of their seat for your next post? While there can be dozens of reasons people aren’t reading and subscribing to your posts, I want to cover a few big hitters that will improve your blog posts.

How to improve your blog posts to get more subscribers.

You’re Giving Too Much Away

To get eye balls on your blog post, you need to pique your reader’s interest in your marketing – Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, emails… you name it! I see so many Pinterest pins that say, “20 ways to get healthy,” then they list all 20 things! If you’re telling me how to do it right there, why would I click to your website? (PS – Here are my tips to creating a viral pin.)

Your copy needs to leave them saying, “I NEED to know more about that!” so they’re inclined to click over to your website. For example…

Before: I’m sharing some tips on how to get more blog readers. I thought you might like to read it!
After: Why is no one reading your blog posts? I’m sharing my 5 biggest reasons your page views are low and what you can do it fix it. Read more here…

Before: Learn how to get healthy before the summer on my new blog post.
After: Don’t go through another summer unhappy with your health. Learn my 5 simple, actionable tips to transform your health and have your most confident summer ever.

When you’re sharing your content over email or social media, tell them how your blog post will change their life and why it’s paramount that they read it. Don’t give away all your secrets and tips, but speak to their emotions and entice them to click over to your blog.

You’re Too Self-Centered

In general, people are self-centered. What I mean is that when they’re browsing through the internet and social media, their first instinct is to engage with stuff that serves themselves.

I see far too many bloggers write in a self-centered manner – I’m not saying this in a mean way! I do it, too! We just tend to talk about ourselves, first. It’s human nature!

A better way to capture our audience is by talking about THEIR problems, first.

Instead of writing in a writer-focused manner, write in a reader-focused manner.

In your opening paragraph (you know, prime time to catch their attention), don’t start talking about how your weekend went, or how you’ve been soooo busy lately. Dive in with the problem you’re addressing in your post. Talk about your READER, FIRST! Say it with me: READER FIRST. ๐Ÿ™‚

How to improve your blog posts to get more subscribers with reader-focused content.

You’re Not Teaching Them Anything

In every. single. blog. post. I want you to teach the reader something. Keep in mind that a lot of your readers (and most new readers!) don’t actually know you. You’re coming at them as a stranger, but if you can gift them with a piece of knowledge, a freebie, or some inspiration, they’ll be more likely to subscribe and come back for more.

That’s not to say that you can’t ever write a “life update” post or share a funny story, but your blog posts should always try to contain a takeaway for your reader.

Example 1: If you’re writing about coping with grief, you could give them a free printable that helps them process their feelings.

Example 2: If you’re writing about a recent vacation, you could share your top 5 travel hacks.

Example 3: Writing about coping with the terrible twos? Invite them to join your free Facebook group where you provide support for parents, or give them a list of activities they can do to distract their 2-year-old.

With every blog post, think about the problem you’re helping them solve and open with that. Talk about how they feel because of that problem and how, by reading this post, they can solve that problem. Help them feel better!

Your Actual Audience Isn’t Seeing Your Blog Posts

One of the ways I see bloggers trying to get traffic to their posts is through link dropping in blogging Facebook groups. While this can give you a short-term bump in traffic, those other bloggers aren’t necessarily your target audience. They probably won’t be coming back unless you’re targeting them specifically.

With that in mind, it’s important learn where your potential readers are hanging out and meet them there. Not to mention, it’s much more worth your time! ๐Ÿ™‚

One great place to start is Pinterest. Especially if your target audience is women! I’ve shared tons of Pinterest tips on this blog.

Another option is to find Facebook groups where your readers would hang out. If you’re a mommy blogger, find existing mommy groups. Now, don’t be spammy and drop your link all over the place. But, keep an eye out for conversations where you can share your insight and a link to a relevant post.

For example, a mom is in there venting about the terrible twos. Comment on her post with encouragement and share your blog post about activities she can do to keep her toddler busy.

How to improve your blog posts to get more subscribers by finding them where they are.

Your Blog Post is Hard to Read

Something as simple as formatting your posts properly can make a huge difference. Here are some checkpoints to keep in mind:

  • Keep paragraphs short. 2-5 sentences, max. Anything longer can be perceived as hard to read and hard to digest. Could you imagine if this blog post only had one huge paragraph after every subheading?
    • Also keep this in mind when writing posts on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Use subheadings! This gives your blog post some breakpoints and gives your reader an outline to follow throughout the post.
  • Use lists when you can. This change in formatting is also a nice change of pace for the reader.
  • Use pictures. They also help break up the text and keep it more digestible.
  • Keep talking about their problem. Okay, this sounds kind of weird. But, keep making points throughout your post of how you’re fixing the reader’s problem. This will help keep you on-topic and help you reader identify with your blog post.

Need help writing posts?

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Learn why no one is reading your blog posts and how to fix it to get more subscribers.

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  1. Thank you so much for these great tips! This is my first time reading your blog and I canโ€™t wait to read more. This was very helpful and absolutely worth my time. Thanks again. โค๏ธ

    1. My pleasure, Regina! I’m so glad the tips were helpful! I hate reading blog posts that provide little to no value (since I already have so limited free time – I’m sure you can relate!), so I try to make everything as worthwhile as possible. Glad to have you here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. These tips are so helpful, thanks for sharing! Iโ€™m working on growing our blog traffic and itโ€™s been a struggle!

    1. Absolutely! I’m glad it was helpful! Growing traffic can be so time consuming and frustrating, I get it! Especially because there can be a hundred reasons why it’s staying stagnant. Definitely check out my posts on Pinterest – it’s been my #1 source of traffic!

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