Why No One is Reading Your Blog Posts

Are you super fed-up with no one reading your blog posts? You spent so much precious time writing your posts… so, why aren’t people reading them?! Why aren’t readers subscribing to your blog and on the edge of their seat for your next post? While there can be dozens of reasons people aren’t reading and subscribing to your posts, I want to cover a few big hitters that will improve your blog posts.



My Seriously Simple Strategy to Creating Viral Pins

Are you cranking out blog posts day in and day out, only to have them sit there, basically unread? I totally feel you – it is so frustrating when you spend time creating content and it goes pretty much unnoticed. Well, what if you had a simple method to make your blog posts go viral?!

Enter: Pinterest. I can’t stress this enough: If your target readers are women, then you need to be on Pinterest.

By creating engaging, click-worthy pins, I’ve garnered 45% of my website traffic for this site from Pinterest alone. Let me show you how to do it!



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