The 3 Easiest Ways to Make Passive Income as a Blogger

A couple months ago I surveyed a good chunk of mom bloggers. 97% of these ladies wanted to make money from their blog, but only 8% had a clear strategy of how to do it. I’m not even kidding!

As a mom, your days are hectic. On top of that, you’re creating new blog posts, keeping up with social media, and keeping tiny humans alive. Most likely, you’d loooove to make money without having to *do* something for every sale. Can I get an AMEN?! πŸ™Œ

Enter: Passive Income.

In a nutshell, passive income is money you make with little-to-no extra work. Money you can make while sleeping. It’s not providing a service where you’re paid hourly, but setting up a system that runs itself and pays you automatically. Sounds like the dream, right?!

Today I’m stoked to share 3 super-easy passive income streams you can (and should!) think about creating for your blog! Let’s do thisssss!

3 simple passive income ideas for bloggers

#1: Write an E-Book

Okay, before you’re like, “Holy shiz, you’re asking me to write a BOOK?! That’s not simple!” Listen: A 1,000-word blog post is already 4 pages of an e-book.

Creating a 25 page e-Book is like writing 6 blog posts that you could sell for $9 on auto-pilot. Here’s a super-simple, step-by-step guide:

  1. Think of a topic – a good idea is taking your highest-converting freebie and offering an “ultimate” edition with more resources/tips/how-to’s
  2. Write your e-Book in MS Word or Publisher and save as a PDF
  3. Use WooCommerce to create a free shop on your blog (I love pairing it with Elementor Plus for customization) and add your e-Book PDF as a downloadable file
  4. Create a kick-butt sales page that sells your e-Book
  5. Promote it just like you promote your freebie!

Find 5 more freaking bomb ideas for your blog right here!

#2: Become an Amazon Associate

Affiliate Marketing is selling someone else’s product for a commission. Affiliate marketing is easy because you can link to products with a unique-to-you URL, so the company can track if someone buys a link through you. All you have to do is link products. Holllaaaa!

I. Freaking. LOVE. Amazon Associates. When I was actively promoting Amazon products, I was bringing in $500/month. Cha chiiinngg! Here’s why I love Amazon as a starting spot for anyone interested in doing affiliate marketing…

  1. Amazon sells, like, everything, so it’s easy to find products you can already know and love
  2. People are already buying on Amazon, so there’s no barrier to checking out. Plus, if someone clicks through your link, you earn a commission on everything that’s in their cart, not just the thing you recommended.
  3. It’s super easy to create affiliate links for Amazon products

You can apply for Amazon’s affiliate program here.

#3: Apply for an Ad Network

Applying for an ad network is another fantastic way to add a passive income stream to your blog. Just because you have ads doesn’t mean you have to destroy your user’s experience.

Many people expect to see some ads on a website, and as long as it’s not seriously impacting load time and readability of your content, you should be safe.

Here are a few of the most popular ad networks and how much traffic they require to apply:

These are great traffic goals to work towards for your blog. For the past few months I’ve been working to get back up to 25k sessions on Hello Hayley, which I just hit this week! I just applied for MediaVine, so I’m hoping to get an approval soon!

Getting Started with Passive Income Streams

My recommendation is to pick ONE of these and GO FOR IT!

But remember, the root to making money with any of these options is traffic to your blog. No traffic = no money. So crank out those blog posts and ramp up your Pinterest strategy to bring in more traffic. I’m rooting for you!

Pin these passive income ideas for later!

3 simple passive income ideas for bloggers and how I started making $500 per month on auto pilot

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