How to Add a Blog to Your Direct Sales Business

Are you super passionate about your direct sales business, but kind of hate sending cold messages to random people on Instagram and Facebook?

Imagine that instead of sending a cold message with a sales pitch, you could send your ideal customer the exact tips and resources they need, without a salesy pitch, ultimately leading them to trust you and buy your product.

You wouldn’t have to form fake friendships with the sole purpose of selling, but you could genuinely help your customers in more ways than just direct sales, networking marketing, or your MLM.

Friend, I think starting a blog is the answer to your prayers.

You’re Passionate About Your Niche

…which is why anyone decides to start a blog in the first place! If you sell…

  • Hair/Skin care products: Start a lifestyle and/or beauty blog. Share make-up tips, your favorite products, how-to tutorials, and useful routines.
  • Nutrition/Health products: Start a fitness, lifestyle, and/or food blog. Share workout ideas, healthy recipes, and tips for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Oils: Start a health/lifestyle/mom blog. Share your favorite oil recipes, oils for different ailments, and parenting/lifestyle tips.

A blog allows you to share all of your expertise on your niche with more space, value, and reach than social media alone can provide.

The name of the game is building trust and cultivating a relationship with potential customers before even eluding to a sale. A blog accomplishes just that.

How to add a blog to your direct sales business.

So, How Can A Blog Help My Direct Sales Business?

Well, according to SalesForce, 74% of buyers choose the sales rep who was first able to provide value and insight to them. So, giving buyers value before asking for a sale (or even eluding to a sale) is key to making more sales! You have to first build trust.

For example, let’s say you sell hair care products. You have a product that’s amazing for taming frizzy hair. But besides that, you have a lot of expertise and tips on how to tame frizzy hair.

You can write a post on your blog titled 5 Proven Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair. The last tip on your list talks about your amazing product, shows your own before/after pics, and gives them an easy way to place an order.

Now, you can use that blog post to target people on Instagram who would find value from it. Search the hashtag #curlyhairproblems and find women who struggle with the frizz. Instead of sending them a canned message about how you have a line of amazing hair products, say…

Hey, I noticed your post about your struggle with frizzy hair. I’ve had the same problems but found a few tips that have really helped me, like XYZ. I just thought it might be helpful for you, since I’ve been there! Feel free to check out this article I just wrote about it and let me know if it helped.

You’ve just built-up trust by giving them value without having to buy anything, all while showing them proven results for their problem.

Plus, the opportunity to buy is there, once they’re ready for it.

How to add a blog to your direct sales business.

Promote Your Business Via Pinterest

With this new blog post, you can generate loads of traffic and new potential customers through Pinterest!

All you need to do is create 2-3 pins for each blog post and share them on Pinterest. A user will click your pin, go directly to your blog post, and gain value from your expertise + maybe make a purchase.

HootSuite says that 90% of weekly Pinterest users are there to make purchasing decisions, and 55% are looking specifically for products – that’s 4x more than any other social media platform!

My getting started guide includes a Pinterest roadmap to teach you everything you need to know (fo’ free!).

Start Collecting A List of Prospective Customers

A blog is also the best tool to help you cultivate your own email list of potential customers who are interested in your expertise, but not quite ready to buy. Plus, Brevit says that email is 40 times better at acquiring new customers than social media.

Now that you have a blog where you can share your expertise surrounding your niche, a world of opportunity awaits when you start building an email list.

Let’s go back to our frizzy hair example. You could create a free PDF called The Secret to Managing Frizzy Curls in 10 Minutes a Day. They access the PDF by subscribing to your email list, so an email sends to them (on auto-pilot!) as soon as they opt-in.

Plus, you can start creating a list of potential customers who actually have a need for your product and related products.

Your Blog is Your Business, The Direct Sales Are An Added Bonus

By starting a blog, you’re truly creating your very own business, 100% created and built by you. You’re sharing your life experiences and expertise to help your potential customers live a better life.

You’re building up trust and making connections based on your expertise, which allows you to “warm up” your customer before making a sale. And they’ll be way more likely to buy from you if they know and trust you.

Start Mapping Out Your Blog

I’ve created a super simple roadmap that will help you launch your blog in 4 weeks. From picking a name that defines your brand to building an email list for your direct sales biz, I’ve got you covered! You can check it out here, no strings attached.

Save this for later? Yes, please! Here’s a pin!

How to skyrocket your network marketing business with a blog.

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