How to Write and Format a Blog Post Readers Love

Blog Post Writing Tips for Beginners

Ah! You’ve started a blog and you’re getting to ready to write your first post! Exciting, right?!?! Well, actually you might be struck with writer’s block. And holy cow, that is SO normal! You’ve been so focused on starting a blog, picking colors, a logo, pictures… it’s hard to transition into the mindset of writing a blog post!

So, if you’re ready to write a post, use these tips to help you get started!



The Best Blog Post Writing Tip I Ever Heard

Do you feel like your writing is missing something that sets it apart from other blogs? You’re providing some great tips, but you’re having trouble truly connecting with your reader in a way that turns them into a raving fan.

Sure, you can write a great step-by-step guide, but your intro feels cheesy and you have trouble transitioning into the meat of your blog posts.

A few months ago I listened to a podcast episode that transformed my view of how I write blog posts, social media posts, emails, and more. I used what I learned and it became best blog post writing tip I ever heard! I promise, if you follow this one simple step, your blog posts will have new life. You ready?



The Ultimate Guide to Writing the Perfect Welcome Email

Do you get stage fright when writing a welcome email for your blog? Queue: a giant white page that you’re supposed to fill with words that will inspire, engage, and motivate your reader to take action and love you forever.

But OMG, what do you even write?!

Oh bloggy friend, I got you! Let me take you through a few steps to crush that stage fright and write a killer welcome email that’ll give your reader all the warm feelings.



Why No One is Reading Your Blog Posts

Are you super fed-up with no one reading your blog posts? You spent so much precious time writing your posts… so, why aren’t people reading them?! Why aren’t readers subscribing to your blog and on the edge of their seat for your next post? While there can be dozens of reasons people aren’t reading and subscribing to your posts, I want to cover a few big hitters that will improve your blog posts.



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