How I Learned Adobe Photoshop From An Expert For Free

“Learn Photoshop” is on pretty much every blogger’s long-term to-do list. It’s a powerful software where you can make logos, social media graphics, Pinterest pins, and more, but it also has the reputation of being pretty intimidating.

If you haven’t started using Adobe Photoshop yet, I’m going to show you how you can learn Photoshop, for free, from one of the best experts around!



The Best Blog Post Writing Tip I Ever Heard

Do you feel like your writing is missing something that sets it apart from other blogs? You’re providing some great tips, but you’re having trouble truly connecting with your reader in a way that turns them into a raving fan.

Sure, you can write a great step-by-step guide, but your intro feels cheesy and you have trouble transitioning into the meat of your blog posts.

A few months ago I listened to a podcast episode that transformed my view of how I write blog posts, social media posts, emails, and more. I used what I learned and it became best blog post writing tip I ever heard! I promise, if you follow this one simple step, your blog posts will have new life. You ready?



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