A Blog Planner to Help You Accomplish More than Ever

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Does blogging feel Super time-consuming?

Are you spending hours writing posts, email marketing, creating products, yet not feeling like you’re getting anywhere?

Is your to-do list overwhelming and you’re struggling to get started?

Creating an actionable to-do list
should be the least of your worries.

Your valuable time should be spent creating great content,
not wading through jumbled notes.

If You're Fed Up With...

this Digital Blog Planner will change your life.

By using this blog planner, you will…

This kick-ass Blog planner has everything you need
to be more productive than ever before.

Questions? I have answers.

The Digital Planner is made within Google Sheets, Google’s version of Microsoft Excel. It’s free with any Gmail account and gives you most of the same functionality as Excel.

The only answer is to give it a try! Take my free blog planner for a spin and upgrade later, if you like it!

You sure can! After making your copy in Google Sheets, you can click File > Download as > Excel. It will take some tweaking to get the formatting right, but if you’ve worked in Excel before it’s not hard!

Familiarity using Sheets or Excel helps, but it’s definitely not required. We’re not using any formulas or equations that make the platforms seemingly “difficult.” I’ll give you a couple how-to videos that will get you started and show you how to work it! Trust me, it’s not rocket science! 🙂

Well, it’d be hard to do, but if you manage to do it, no worries! You can always download a new copy and paste over the spot you messed up. 🙂

It’s actually good FOREVER! This means, you wouldn’t have to buy a new copy in 2020 or the years after. Everything is customizable so you can plug in the months, dates, etc. How sweet is that?!

I’m here for you! Just shoot me an email at hello@organizedblogging.com and I’ll be there for yoouuuu! *queue Friends theme*

1. Buy the Planner
2. Download Your Copy
3. Get More Done in Less Time

Get Organized today for just $25.


Only $25!

Still haven’t got you convinced? No worries, feel free to ask me some questions!