Hiya! I'm Hayley.

Morning Coffee, Taylor Swift, Fake Plants, True Crime, and her Husband (a lot)

Bad Coffee, Crickets, and the word “Caddywhompus”

I was born and raised in small town in Iowa – like, graduated-with-80-people small. After completing my BS in Marketing from Iowa State University, I moved to Arizona where I started my corporate career and met my husband. During my corporate years, I was dubbed the “Microsoft Excel Master” for my pretty spreadsheets documenting workflows and planners to keep myself organized. I developed an affinity for the platform and loved creating new dashboards for every project. #obsessed #nerd

Life Changes

After getting married, my husband and I bought our “fixer upper” and I started a home renovation blog, Hello Hayley. My blog was juuust starting to gain traction when we found out we were expecting. When I had my son in November of 2017, I developed postpartum depression and wasn’t able to keep up with my blog for almost a year, losing most of the hard-earned traffic I gained.

Mom Life

As a new mom, I had such a hard time getting organized. I was deep into the “naptime hustle,” but each naptime came and went quickly and I felt panicky trying to figure out how to best utilize my time. I tried a bunch of different tools and planners to get organized, but none fit all the criteria I needed to track. So, one afternoon while getting a pedicure, it hit me: Why haven’t I created a digital planner?!

Boom. Organized.

After creating my digital blog planner, everything changed. I felt focused, organized, and I suddenly had more free time. No joke! Once I was able to properly organize my tasks and feel in-control of my blog, I had so much time that I decided to start a second blog – Organized Blogging!

Seriously, I want to help.

There are so. many. pieces to blogging. Creating content, taking photos, SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, the list goes on. I understand that it’s hard to keep track of, so I’m here to hold your eager little hand. I’m sharing tips and tricks to find your best method of organization and help you increase productivity.

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